F/G/I Chassis Coding

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There is no limit on the number of options that can be coded. We can do everything on this list or only the options you're interested in. If you're looking for an option that's not on this list feel free to contact us, we more than likely can make it happen!

Disable seat belt chime:

This will turn off that annoying chime that reminds you to put on your seat belt. We leave the seat belt warning on your cluster which will still serve as a visual warning.

Disable door open chime:

We can disable the same annoying chime for when your door is open

Disable iDrive legal disclaimer

Reading this once is more than enough. We'll turn off the disclaimer so it'll take you straight to your main iDrive menu.

Android Screen Mirroing:

If you have Apple Carplay we can also enable Android Screen Mirroring (Miracast). This will allow you to Mirror your Androids screen onto your display.

Active High Beam Assist (Anti Dazzle):

If you have the High Beam Assist option on your vehicle you know that the high beams will automatically just turn off when it detects another vehicle approaching. The Anti Dazzle feature will allow your High Beams to stay on and move around any oncoming traffic to avoid blinding them. See how it works below.

Video In Motion:

Gives you the ability to have a DVD or USB Media to play while your car is in drive. Supported USB video Media types are .MP4,.AVI,.OGG,.XVID,.VCD. We do not condone watching anything while your driving, please pay attention to the road in front of you. This is strictly for your passengers!

Enhanced Bluetooth:

Enhanced bluetooth gives you much more capability than your standard bluetooth option. Check out the comparison below:


Basic Bluetooth

Enhanced Bluetooth

Hands-free calling



Access to the phone’s contact book



Pairing two phones


Connecting iOS devices through the USB cable


Music streaming


Playing music from a phone through a USB port


Album art covers


Office (reading/sending SMS, calendar, tasks, notes)



Cameras at any speed:

If your car comes equipped with any cameras you know that once you start driving you can no longer access them. This will allow you to view your cameras at any speed!

Euro MDM:

Drive an ///M? US Models have traction control kick in a bit sooner when in M mode. Euro style will allow you to get more drift angle and a less intrusive traction control.

Enable Sport+:

Don't have the Sport + option on your car? Enabling Sport + allows for faster shifts and displays S1 through S7 on the instrument cluster which signifies the gear you're in.

M Performance HUD:

Add some nice visual effects when starting your car. Shows M Performance on instrument cluster and on your main screen. You must have Extended Cluster option and NBT option for this to work.

Grass and Curb Detection added to Lane Departure:

The lane departure option normally only detects when you're veering out of your lane. You can add the ability for it to detect grass and curbs as well.

Roll up windows, Fold Mirrors, and close sunroof via Key FOB and Comfort Access:

If you hold the lock button on your Key FOB  this will automatically roll up all your windows, fold your mirrors and close your sunroof. Alternatively if you have the Comfort Access option on your vehicle you can hold the button on the handle.

Start Engine without depressing the brake:

Tired of pressing the brake pedal every time you get into your car to start it? We can make it start with just the push of your Start/Stop button. You press the Start/Stop button once, and long press the second time to start your vehicle.

Window roll up interruption:

By default BMW includes a feature which will stop the window from rolling up if you open your door. We make it so that it will continue rolling up.

Double blink Hazards:

This will make your Hazards blink twice for added visual warning to other drivers.

Angel eyes on Welcome Light:

Your angel eyes will turn on with your vehicle once you unlock it for added visual effect and greater visibility to other drivers at night.

Disable Yellow Side Markers:

If you want those ugly yellow side markers disabled we can turn them off. This will give a clean look with just your angel eyes being lit up.

Brake blink on hard brake:

Want others to know when you're really getting on the brakes? With this option your brake lights will blink multiple times on a hard break.

Digital Speed Cluster:

Give yourself the ability to digitally display your speed on the BC cluster.

Parked Car Ventilation:

Hate coming into your car after leaving work on a hot day? You can program specific times for the cars ventilation system to take some of the air from outside and blow it into the cabin so it can cool off. This can drop it by a good 10 degrees!

Fuel Reserve at 1/8 of a Tank:

Normally you'll get warned you’re at 1/4 tank to go get some gas. This will lower it to an 1/8 of a tank before you're warned to fill up.

Disable Auto-dim Mirror:

Don't like the auto-dim feature? We can turn it off so your mirrors won't get dark.