FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is BMW Coding?
A: During the later years of BMW's car manufacturing they started to include ECU's (Electronic Control Unit) for functionality of different parts of the vehicle. Some vehicles are equipped with 10+ ECU's each one handling a specific component. Within these ECU's BMW has a ton of adjustable options which we're able to modify. We connect into your BMW via the OBD2 port and adjust these options to your liking. Visit our products page to see what can be done!

Q: How does this work?
A: Simple! Purchase one of our items from our products page and once your order is placed we will contact you to coordinate a time for the coding to be completed. If you have any questions about availability you can contact us.

Q: Does getting my car coded void my factory warranty?
A: No, the available listed options are factory settings which are present in your cars software. We modify these options so they're customized to your liking or turned on.


Q: How does remote coding work?
A: For remote coding to be possible you will need three things.

    1. First you will need a laptop.
      The laptop will require an available USB port if your vehicle is an E Chassis.
      If you have a F, G, or I Chassis you will need an Ethernet Port(RJ45).
    2. You will need an Internet Connection which will give us the ability to remote into your computer.
    3. An OBD cable compatible for your vehicle.
      For an E Chassis you require a K+DCAN cable.
      For a F,G, or I Chassis you require an ENET cable.

We will work with you to coordinate a date and time so that we can remotely log into your computer. From there we will walk you through connecting into your vehicle.

Q: How long does it take to get the car coded?
A: This depends on how many options you're looking to have added/modified. Normally this will take no longer than a hour.

Q: Is coding reversible or can I get the options changed?
A: Yes! Please be aware if you're looking to get options added or modified after your initial coding session you will need to purchase another coding session from our products page.